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to represent the United Methodist Church in the planning and staffing of the New Orleans conference, the Indianapolis conference, and the decade of evangelization under the auspices of NARSC?)

Francis MacNutt is a unique servant of the body of Christ.  He was at Louisville in 1979, and has ministered at more Aldersgate conferences than most of us have attended.  I think Francis represents all of the non-Methodists who are closer to us as brothers and sisters than are many who share our label.

Tommy Tyson is a founding father of UMRSF, but perhaps more importantly he is the venerable prophet of renewal in the United Methodist Church, as well as the church at large.  I have asked Tommy to pray the blessing of God on the transfer of the mantle of servanthood.

In a beautifully symbolic gesture Tommy requested Dean David Collins, representing the rock from which we were hewn, to ordain Ross to his new calling, and Vinson Synan, representing the spiritual offspring of Methodism, to ordain Gary.

Footnote:  “To hear an authentic work from God is a wondrous and mysterious thing, whether it happens once or many times.  Some times we think it is God and are mistaken.  It is only in retrospect that I can say with certainty that it was God.  It didn’t take 15 years for me to be certain that it was the Holy Spirit who invaded my imagination about this time of year in 1988.  It didn’t hurt that on that same morning He said the same thing to Sally Havens in far away Boston.”  Harry, February ‘05

Aldersgate Renewal Ministries: History and Impact - Page 28

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