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Charles Carnan Ridgely, General, The Governor, Second Master, 1760-1829 - page 1 / 9





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Charles Carnan Ridgely, General, The Governor, Second Master, 1760-1829

Financial and Legal Documents

Subseries: Accounts & Ledgers

1783-84, 1787-88Ledgers of debtors/business accounts for Charles MDHSMS2942Ledgers, 1783-1784,1787-1788


1784-85Charles C. Ridgely LedgerBox 26, Reel 17MDHSMS691Ridgely Account Books, 1732-1884

1785-96Grocery Ledger KBox 25, Reel 16MDHSMS691

1788-1832Account book of dry goods' merchant; Charles RidgelyMDHSMS166[manuscript]: Account books, 1788-1832 [Buckler, William]


1790-1812Ledger I, Capt. Charles Ridgely & wife, administration Microfilm M4691MSAMS1898G. Howard White Collection

of his estate, 1790-1812, her annuity to 1812; notes

this is Ledger i; from June 26, 1790

1791Charles C. Ridgely's Account with Rebecca RidgleyFC1-3/37HAMPMS1Ridgely Family Papers

1794-95Provision book; pork, beef, some Negroes named, Microfilm M4680MSAMS1898G. Howard White Collection

provenance uncertain but White Marsh Plantation

account entered several times.  Perhaps  a Nottingham

Furnace account.

1795Grocery DaybookBox 26, Reel 17MDHSMS691Ridgely Account Books, 1732-1884

1795-96Grocery DaybookBox 26, Reel 17MDHSMS691

1800-01Provisions book. Account of pork, corn,etc. Receipts.  Microfilm M4675MSAMS1898G. Howard White Collection

Reverse lists daily ledger of forge operation

1801-02Ledger.Described as Ledger of Charles C. Ridgely, Microfilm M4684MSAMS1898

there is no obvious Ridgely material at all.  Emphasis is

on ships, the Zephyr and Adventure to St. Domingo,

the Lady Washington to Havana, etc.

1804-18Ledger, Allen Dorsey (factor?) account with Charles Microfilm M4695MSAMS1898

Ridgely. Illustrates the variety of roles an dthe large

sums of money entrusted to a Ridgely factor.

1805-48Account Book, miscellaneous. Index to ledger, Microfilm M4696MSAMS1898

followed by two ledgers, farm-related, apparently not

Ridgely but probably Dorsey materials; has

considerable interleafed maerial bearing name of

Thomas B. Dorsey. [He was brother-in-law of Priscilla

White's sister, Mary Dorsey.  Other White papers at

Hampton have Thomas B. Dorsey material.]  Ends with

legal notes.

1808-25Ledger, Ridgely Lux & Co.; includes R, L & Co.'s debit Microfilm M4690MSAMS1898

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