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Charles Carnan Ridgely, General, The Governor, Second Master, 1760-1829 - page 2 / 9





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account with Charles C. Ridgely.  Payments for 3 pairs

of shoes for Young Bob, Old Bob and Founder Dan;

14 tons of hay from Hampton, sugar and brandy for

'men when sick belonging to the company.'

      1809-17Ledger L. Ledger I, Capt. Charles Ridgely & wife, Microfilm M4692MSAMS1898G. Howard White Collection

administration of his estate, 1790-1812, her annuity to

1812; notes this is Ledger i; from June 26, 1790

1810-11Charles C. Ridgely grocery pass bookBox 30, Reel 18MDHSMS691Ridgely Account Books, 1732-1884

1810-28Shoe Book, Chas. C. Ridgely. Account of shoes made,Microfilm M4682MSAMS1898G. Howard White Collection

repaired, for slaves and servants of Charles Carnan

Ridgely.  Some descriptive phrases --  Big Bet, for

example, but few surnames are used. Is continued for

1829 on MS 1898-06, M 4674.

1817-29Account book, Hampton Mill grain and flour Microfilm M4678MSAMS1898

accounts.Fairly complete records of operations at

Hampton Mill, different types and grades of flour, to

whom and by whom delivered, other functions there

such as cleaning clover seed, sawing lumber.

1818-20Grocery LedgerBox 26, Reel 17MDHSMS691Ridgely Account Books, 1732-1884

1818-23Ledger M. Identified as "M" on flyleaf, continuation of Microfilm M4693MSAMS1898G. Howard White Collection

MS 1898-24, M 4692, index to individuals.  William Acy,

for example, gets three payments of $50 against his

gardener's salary of $400 a year; Charles Ridgely Jr.'s

(b. 1783) account is settled on his death and a smith's

account for his widow Maria is paid.

1819-27Charles C. Ridgely CashbookBox 26, Reel 17MDHSMS691Ridgely Account Books, 1732-1884

1819-27Charles C. Ridgely CashbookBox 26, Reel 18MDHSMS691

1820-29Ledger, Ridgely forges. Workers wages, supplies, Microfilm M4689MSAMS1898G. Howard White Collection

cordwood accounts, etc. Payments for cutting cord

wood, heeling & soling shoes, for 752 feet of timber

for rolling mill, and for hewing logs for White Marsh

smoke house; accounts for provisions:  meat, pork,

meal, corn, herrings.

1823-29Ledger O; continuation of MS 1898-25 M 4693, index Microfilm M4694MSAMS1898

to individuals, includes also account of iron for US

Navy Departement, payment of insurance on Hampton,

payments to Negroes for extra work;  Rent of Water

in town of $66.50 paid in 1827; interest of $650 on

Gov. Ridgely's bond to Maria Ridgely (by 1828

Winchester) is paid yearly.  (See MS 1898-29 M 4697.)

1825-26Kitchen cash book listing purchases.Household cash Microfilm M4681MSAMS1898

book, includes purchases Baltimore, 1825-26, mostly

kitchen purchases but some other expenditures --

'paid the sisters for Mary's school.' No obvious Ridgely


1825-26, 1828Day book and account book, 1825-26, and list of Microfilm M4674MSAMS1898

shoes made and given out 1829, indexed with

surnames given; is continuation of MS 1898-14 M

4682.  Gives employees wages, charges for

foodstuff, pork, flour, etc. allocations for work,

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