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Charles Carnan Ridgely, General, The Governor, Second Master, 1760-1829 - page 4 / 9





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1826-27Ledger.Furnace and Forge accounts, indexed by Microfilm M4685MSAMS1898G. Howard White Collection

individuals:  some slaves (Old Sam Dark's Husband,

for example), some skilled workers  (Henry Lindemore,

shoemaker), and others (Dr. Josiah Marsh).  'Casting'

account, cord-wood account, etc.

1827-28Sales Book of Howard Estate inventory; Charles MDHSMS2450John Eager Howard Estate Inventory, 1827-1828

Carnan Ridgely listed as purchaser

1827-29Ledger. Day Book of Charles C. Ridgely, Forge Microfilm M4686MSAMS1898G. Howard White Collection

Furnace accounts, sales of iron, expenses for

hauling, wages, etc. Chain iron shipped to Navy

Department in Washington, iron sent for the steam

boat, Experiment, payment to Henry Thompson for a

mahogany desk and two chairs for the use of the iron

store, receipt for rent of house on Gay Street, etc.

continued on MS 1898-19, M4687

1827-29Ledger. Includes furnace, paralleling MS 1898-18, Day Microfilm M4688MSAMS1898

Book, to May 11, 1829.  General iron sales, iron sales

to the Departments of Navy and War in Washington

and to Maryland penitentiary, 1827-28, payments of

worker's wages, for postage, reams of writing paper,

and to Negroes for carrying iron into the store.

1829Day Book, daily Sales Journal. Continuation of  MS Microfilm M4687MSAMS1898

1898-18 M4686, sales of iron, rents received, wood

bought, payment for 200 herring, etc. to July 17, 1829.

1829Cord wood book. Account of cord wood cut, also Microfilm M4677MSAMS1898

account of coal receipts (some by steamboat) and

provisions issued--pork, etc. Ridgely Forges.  David

Ridgely is charged in 1829 for pork for White Marsh.

1829-30Ledger; apparently starting just after Charles C. Microfilm M4683MSAMS1898

Ridgely's death and treating furnace and forge

operations, C.S.W. Dorsey as administrator (he and

wife, Mary Ridgely Dorsey were executors of the

Governor.)  Accounts of coal, blooms, pig iron; work

by freed slaves and overtime for slaves not yet freed.

Subseries: Banking

1795-99Bank draft book, Cashier of the Office of Discount andMicrofilm M5283MSAMS1898G. Howard White Collection


1804, 1812, 1818Bank Drafts & Money OrderBox 1, Folder 3-4HAMPMS1Ridgely Family Papers

1811-13, 1814-19Chase Bank BookBox 30, Reel 18MDHSMS691Ridgely Account Books, 1732-1884

1827-28Bank draft book, Office of Discount and Deposit, Microfilm M5283MSAMS1898G. Howard White Collection


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