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Charles Carnan Ridgely, General, The Governor, Second Master, 1760-1829 - page 5 / 9





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Subseries: Bills & Receipts

1781-1817Bills & Receipts, mainly domestic, from tailor, for Box 2, Reel 3MDHSMS1127Ridgely Family Papers, 1757-1929

having hair dressed, for mulatto man called James, for

kitchen utensils, for  grand piano forte 1797, for paints

for Great House including Prussian Bleu and from

Standish Barry for two tankards with arms engraved,


1784-1820Charles C. Ridgely bills, receipts. A variety of bills and Box 6, Reel 6, M4433MDHSMS692Ridgely Papers, 1664-1882

receipts of Charles Ridgely Carnan back to 1783 and

then, after 1790, Charles Carnan Ridgely.  Bills for

furniture in 1783-- 12 chairs, dining table, cradle, etc.  

-- for India silk, sor lathes, joists, scantling, for putting

up curtains, hotel and club expenses, etc. Ends with

factor Allen Dorsey's accounts 1820.

1787-1805Bills & ReceiptsBox 5MDHSMS692.1Ridgely Papers 1733-1817

1791-1859Bill, accounts and legal papers of Charles Carnan Box 2, Reel 4, MDHSMS1127Ridgely Family Papers, 1757-1929

Ridgely.18 mahogany chairs bought at vendue for M44450

$162, tax bills, bills, for school for daughters,

accounts factor Allen Dorsey 1806-09, Rebecca

Ridgely's annuity accounts and others with her

executrix, Purchase of Negro Charles, blacksmith, his

wife Jenny and their children Jacob, Ned and Heth.

1798Receipt for $221.33 issued to Joseph Sterett, agent MDHSVFReceipt for iron plates

for the United States Frigate Constellation, for two iron


1803Bill from Daniel C. Holliday to Charles Carnan Ridgely MDHSMS1620Chew-Ridgely Papers, 1720-1841

for party fiddlers and transport car

1805, 1806Receipts for pew rent, St. Paul's Parish, St. Peter's FC1-3/39,43HAMPMS1Ridgely Family Papers


1805, 1807, 1825Bills and receipts for clock, silver, plateFC1-3/49,44,45HAMPMS1

1807, 1812Receipts, advertising, furnitureBox 1, Folders 19-20HAMPMS1

1815, 1825Macdonald-Ridgely Co. Note and handbillBox 1, Folder 23HAMPMS1

Subseries: Legal Papers

1790Agreement w/ Rebecca Dorsey RidgelyMDHSMS693Ridgely-Pue Papers, 1748-1932

1790Agreement between Rebecca Ridgely and Charles MC1-8/3HAMPMS1Ridgely Family Papers

Ridgely, 1790

1792-94Chancery Court (Chancery Papers) 4352:  Charles M 11016MSAMS4239Schweninger Collection

Ridgely of Hampton v.  Mary Nicholson et al. Estate


1793Declaration of Charles Carnan Ridgely Name Change Box 3, Folder 31HAMPMS1Ridgely Family Papers


1793Certificate of Purchase; Charles Ridgely & CompanyMSAMS4580Charles Ridgely and  Company Collection

1793Declaration of Name Change of Charles Carnan Box 3, Folder 31HAMPMS1Ridgely Family Papers

Ridgely [COPY]

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