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have been, and there will be events that are hard to understand, and are troubling and can even be unsettling. Yet in the midst of all of this, the presence of Christ will suddenly be visible as the sun coming out or the light in the room. Father Chaminade once said in the midst of the turmoil and terror of the days of the French Revolution that ”What is a faithful man to do in the chaos of events which seem to swallow him up? He must sustain himse f calmly by Faith. Faith will make him adore the eternal plan of God. Faith will assure him that to those who believe in God all things work together for the good.”

What else would Father Chaminade see today, that he once saw? We are gathered in this beautiful house of God dedicated to Our Lady of the Pillar: Thus, he once saw and sees the necessity and importance of devotion to the Mother of God in your lives and ministry. One of Father’s prayers was “May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit be glor ied in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary.”

May the example of Father Chaminade help you and all of us to see that the prayers and example of the Mother of God show us how to trust, how to be open to the will of God, and how nothing is impossible for God. May she lead you to her Son, the high priest, each and every day of your priestly ministry: through the prayer of the Church, the Eucharist and all the Sacraments and all the events and countless appointments which you fill yours lives in the days and years ahead.

You have just finished your studies in Rome. As I finished mine a group of my classmates at the North American College in Rome sang to me “Ad multos annos.” While it was and is a toast, it is also a statement of Faith and prayer. My prayer for you both, and I believe for all of us here today, is that your years of priestly ministry will truly reflect the glory of God for all to whom you are sent. Father Chaminade saw the glory of God in his many years of priestly ministry, and we see it in our brothers here today: you are our ordinands and the Marianists gathered here.

God bless you always.

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