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A more evolved expression of the Vh couplet occurs when we realize the value of the creative process itself as it is initiated and governed by the human soul (V). The forms that manifest (h) during the process of creation are not coveted, or overly identified with, but are viewed as ephemeral objects of beautylike the blossoms of a flower.

Virgo: (HH, hh, Mother-Mother). This YHVH couplet symbolizes the Mother's relationship with Herself. Here She ensures that Her outer appearance (i.e. the physical, astral, and mental environment of our world) is maintained in a healthy and fertile condition. She ensures that the nature of Her form is pleasing to the Fatheri.e. that it's an appropriate and efficient foundation for his creative purposes. The Queen faithfully attends to Her mundane dutiesincluding the business of managing the royal palace. Because the personality aspect is a microcosmic cell in the body of the Mother, it is impelled by the will of the

Mother principle to 'physical' attributes,

nurture and cultivate its own and to actively participate in the

evolution of the wider human psycho-physical environment.

Because as human personalities we are atoms within the body of the Great Mother it is imperative that we learn to cooperate with Her as She works to maintain, upgrade, and unfold Her physical manifestation. Thus, in Virgo we need

to consciously Intent of the harmonize our

connect with the divine Intelligence and Great Mother (initial Heh) in order to physical labors and earth-based service

activities (second Heh) with Her divine Will.

When we are aligned with the second Heh of the HH couplet we tend to become overly attached to the Great Mother‟s existing manifestation. We may not appreciate the fact that She is gradually unfolding Herself towards cosmic perfection, and that therefore She must undergo periodic transformation. We may also have a tendency to become fixated upon some ideal image of perfection that we see as being ultimate, but that actually is limited by the narrow

focus chaos power


of our own human perception. We may have a fear of due to our ignorance regarding the true nature, and purpose of the Great Mother. If such is the

case, then we need to realize that, in fact, what we perceive to be chaos is actually divine order expressing itself in ways incomprehensible to the rational mind.

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