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Argonne researcher Khalil Amine is the 2010 winner of the Battery Division Technology Award of the Electrochemical Society. The award is given to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the technology of primary and secondary cells, batteries and/or fuel cells. The intent of the award is to recognize recent contributions to the field that can be expected to have an impact on future battery and/or fuel cell applications. Amine will formally receive the award at the fall meeting of the Electrochemical Society in Las Vegas, Nev. at the Battery Division luncheon.

Don Hillebrand

APRIL 2010

MARCH 2010

MAY 2010

Don Hillebrand was the keynote speaker at the 2010 SAE World Congress in Detroit, Mich. http://www.sae.org/mags/AEI/ SAEWC/8076

Researchers from Argonne’s Transportation Technology R&D Center presented papers at the 2010 SAE World Congress. Shane Halbach, Phillip Sharer, Sylvain Pagerit, Charles Folkerts and Aymeric Rousseau presented “Model Architec- ture, Methods, and Interfaces for Efficient Math-Based Design and Simulation of Automotive Control Systems.” Dominik Karbowski, Jason Kwon, Namdoo Kim and Aymeric Rousseau gave the talk, “Instantaneously Optimized Controller for a Multimode Hybrid Electric Vehicle,” and Ram Vijayagopal, Neeraj Shidore, Shane Halbach, Lawrence Michaels and Aymeric Rousseau spoke on “Automated Model-Based Design Process to Evaluate Advanced Component Technologies.”

Jeffrey Miller received the 2010 F. G. Ciapetta Lectureship in Catalysis Award, presented by the North American Catalysis Society. The award honors substantial contributions to one or more areas in the field of catalysis, with emphasis on indus- trially significant catalysts and catalytic processes, and the discovery of new catalytic reactions and systems of potential industrial importance. http://pubs.acs.org/isubscribe/journals/cen/88/i11/ html/8811awards4.html

May Wu presented results of water quality modeling for increased biofuel production during the “Bioenergy for a Sustainable Future” panel discussion at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Biomass 2010 conference. Wu examined the impact of various biofuel feedstock production scenarios on water quality for the Upper Mississippi River Basin where the majority of existing U.S. biofuels are produced. Using a soil and water assessment tool watershed modeling approach, this study quantified environmental loading changes result- ing from increased production of conventional corn ethanol, cellulosic ethanol produced from agricultural residue and switchgrass. Other Argonne team members included Yonas Demissie, Eugene Yan and Gayathri Gopalakrishnan. This study is supported by Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Biomass Program.

Phil Sharer (front) and Aymeric Rousseau





Summer 2010

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