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Linda Gaines presented “Lithium-ion Batteries: Examining Materials Demand and Recycling Issues” (co-authored with Paul Nelson) at The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 2010 Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Seattle, Wash. Based on detailed estimation of material required for expanded market penetration, Gaines concluded that even an aggressive program of vehicles with electric drive can be supported for decades with known supplies of lithium, if recycling is insti- tuted. However, larger vehicles with longer ranges require more material, and so heavy reliance on pure electrics could eventually strain supplies of lithium and cobalt. Download the paper at http://www.transportation.anl.gov/pdfs/B/626.PDF.

Peter Stair received the George A. Olah 2010 American Chemical Society National Award for his work in hydrocarbon/ petroleum chemistry. In a series of studies using UV raman spectroscopy, Stair identified reaction intermediates during zeolite-driven conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons, as well as various type of coke deposits that accumulate on catalyst surfaces. He used the same methods to deduce critical relationships between catalyst structure and performance in hydrocarbon conversion reactions.

Thomas Wallner received the SAE Engineering Meet- ings Board Outstanding Oral Presentation Award for his presentation, “Assessment of Multiple Injection Strategies in a Direct Injection Hydro- gen Research Engine.” The award recognizes individuals who make outstanding pre- sentations at SAE technical sessions as evaluated by audi- ence members.

Thomas Wallner



Summer 2010


Bob Larsen was chosen to be on the judging panel for the Hermance Vehicle Efficiency Award, which recognizes the most efficient and technologically advanced vehicle for sale in the U.S. The award was named after David Hermance, an early advocate of electric-drive and highly efficient vehicles. The award was presented to Ford Motor Company’s 2010 Fusion Hybrid on Feb. 10, 2010, at the Chicago Auto Show.


Khalil Amine was awarded the International Battery Materials Association’s Technology Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to advances in lith- ium-ion technology. This award recognizes scientists that make a significant impact in battery technology during their careers.

Orli Gill, the counsel general of Israel to the Midwest and Noa Asher, Israel’s trade commis- sioner of economic affairs to the Midwest, visited Argonne’s Transportation Technology R&D Center on January 14. Several areas for potential collaboration were identified, including lithium-air batteries. Khalil Amine


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