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AutoCAD 2005 Features and Benefits

Introducing Sheet Sets

AutoCAD users need to create, manage, and share drawing file information related to a project. Organizations using AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based products may have hundreds or even thousands of drawing files for a specific project, each having multiple layouts depicting different views or scales of project data. Most organizations manage sheet sets using a file and folder structure on local disk drives and network servers. This manual method is labor intensive and susceptible to error.

AutoCAD 2005 enables you to go beyond single drawing productivity by providing new tools that make it easier to manage entire sets of related drawings or sheet sets.

Sheet Set Manager Problem

Throughout the duration of a project, team members may rotate in and out and drawing file content may change frequently. Such variables can introduce workstyle inconsistencies. Team members can spend a significant amount of time collating sheet sets, renumbering sheets, and updating sheet index information.


The new Sheet Set Manager in AutoCAD 2005 provides an easy way to collate drawing sheets into logical sets and subsets that you can define by company, project, or other industry standards. You can quickly assemble sheet sets using existing drawings, propagate sheet standards over multiple projects, and provide simultaneous access to sheet sets within your local area network. You can then easily add or remove sheets from a sheet set or any subset by using the Sheet Set Manager tool palette or the context-sensitive menu.


Using the new Sheet Set Manager in AutoCAD 2005, organizations can more efficiently manage their sheet sets. Organizations can use sheet sets to quickly communicate current project status or easily retrieve information from an earlier point in the project. The Sheet Set Manager also helps to eliminate confusion and reduce time spent referencing and cross- referencing individual drawings. Adjusting page numbers and sheet index information is now effortless. Sheet Set Manager



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