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AutoCAD 2005 Features and Benefits

AutoCAD 2005 also supports complex changes, such as merging cells, matching cell properties, and inserting or deleting columns or rows. If a table or cell is not the correct height or width, simply use the grip edit functionality to make the necessary adjustments.

To paste textual information from a Microsoft Windows application such as Microsoft® Excel into an AutoCAD 2005 drawing, simply specify an insertion point. If the OLE (object linking and embedding) object contains text, AutoCAD 2005 automatically approximates the point size to an equivalent size in AutoCAD units. In addition, when you paste an OLE object into paper space or model space, AutoCAD automatically establishes the scale of the OLE object.


AutoCAD 2005 makes it easy to change any table property and to create table data with a variety of formatting options. You can quickly create accurate tables using predefined table styles and a single command or import a table or schedule that you have already created.



Text-based information in a set of drawings is constantly being updated and revised. In addition, much of the information is repeated throughout the entire drawing set (e.g., the project name, client information, etc.). Updating or entering this information by hand is a tedious and time-consuming process. CAD managers spend hours or days at the end of every project matching up and verifying callout blocks, label blocks and title blocks before sheet sets are finalized, printed, and distributed. They know that each inconsistency will generate a request for information from on-site personnel that will cost them and the project time and money to correct


In AutoCAD 2005, the new Field command simplifies the task of creating, placing, and editing text. A field can be used as an object placeholder for content that may change during the project. AutoCAD 2005 includes a wide selection of commonly used fields. For example, you can use the new Field command to insert current time and date information into a title block. AutoCAD software automatically updates the date and time when the drawing file is opened.

You can also use the Field command with the new Table command to automatically update table data. Additional functionality helps you maintain backward compatibility with older versions of AutoCAD software, including the ability to convert fields to text objects.


Automatically update text as your designs and documentation progress, helping save time and avoid costly mistakes.

Enhanced Tool Palettes Problem

Most AutoCAD users have invested time customizing their software for industry-, business-, or project-specific needs. Some organizations have created toolbars as a way to make custom functionality accessible to staff. Tool palettes, introduced in AutoCAD 2004, are proven time-savers over their predecessors’ toolbars.



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