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Public Health Nursing Practice Manual

PHN Practice1, the ten Essential Services3, Healthy People 20104 ten leading health indicators, and Minnesota’s Framework of seventeen PHN Interventions2. The model is grounded in the precepts that PHN practice uses a team approach, is population-based and has as its goal the creation of the conditions in which healthy people can live in healthy communities.

The diagram of this PHN Practice Model is a simplified representation of the concept and components of the practice process. It is intended to present the key elements and the relationship among these elements. It is a tool for understanding and applying the model to the reality of the practice process. 5

Public Health Nursing with the Public Health Team

The model begins with the depiction of Public Health Nursing as an integral part of an interdisciplinary team approach to public health practice. Natural partners on the team with Public Health Nursing include nutritionists, physicians, social workers, public health investigators, environmental health specialists, health educators and representatives from the community, among others. The cause of most public health concerns can be traced to many factors and likewise the solutions require a multifaceted approach. Thus the team approach is crucial to success in any public health nursing endeavor.

Scope and Standards of PHN Practice

In 1999, the leaders of the Quad Council of PHN Organizations recognized that PHN practice was changing with a renewed emphasis on the improvement of the health of the entire population. This recognition prompted the Council to articulate a framework for PHN practice that was population- based. Such a framework would help prepare public health nursing to shift its practice focus and to develop the capacity to articulate the aspects of the practice that were unique to public health nursing. This framework has been described by the Council in the Scope and Standards of Public Health Nursing Practice1.

The Quad Council is comprised of:

1. American Nurses Association (ANA) Council for Community, Primary, and Long- Term Care Nursing Practice,

  • 2.

    American Public Health Association PHN Section,

  • 3.

    Association of Community Health Nursing Educators, and

  • 4.

    Association of State and Territorial Directors of Nursing.

.In 2004, a volunteer work group of public health and community health nursing stakeholders convened to review and revised the 1999 Scope and Standards to reflect contemporary public health nursing practice and to set a framework for future practice.

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