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Public Health Nursing Practice Manual

Frequently Asked Questions District PHN Evaluation of Practice

1. Question: If the client is not found or is not able to be interviewed but the PHN gave health teaching or some other interventions to the family members, should elements such as “documents client’s understanding of disease and transmission process” be marked “met” or “not applicable”? Answer: The element should be marked “not applicable” if the PHN did not interact with the client directly.

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    Question: How much detail is required for health teaching documentation? Is it enough if it is just stated “health teaching done”? Answer: Yes

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    Question: Is any mention of health need/goal enough to mark “met”? Answer: Yes

  • 4.

    Question: If there is some indication that a form was completed, is that sufficient to mark “met” or must it be documented as completed in the progress notes or elsewhere (For instance, “H290 confirmation submitted”)? Answer: Mark “met” if there is any indication that the form was completed such as the existence in the record of a copy of the form with submission date. There is no need to look for additional documentation in the progress notes or elsewhere in the record.

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    Question: When the standard/tool states “document”, can the documentation by the PHN be anywhere in the record?

Answer: Yes

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    Question: When supervisors are evaluating for PHN adherence to the standard, is it necessary to review all material (medical record, STD CaseWatch, NPMS, etc)? Answer: Yes, otherwise variations may occur from rater to rater.

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    Question: If a tool element states “completes and submits”, do both need to be done to receive a “met”?

Answer: Yes

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    Question: If an intervention concerning a minor (client) is provided to a caregiver (for instance, health teaching), should the element be marked as “met”? Answer: Yes

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    Question: How long does a lateral transfer DPHN have to work at her/his new location before she/he is evaluated?

Answer: 3 months

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