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October 2007 NVAC Meeting Minutes

Dr. Humiston explained that the Subcommittee on Public Communication, Consultation, and Participation (PCCP) met with the Subcommittee on Vaccine Safety. Dr. Karen Broder (NCIRD/CDC) provided the Subcommittee with a review of CDC’s Immunization Safety Office research agenda. Dr. Humiston explained that the Committee’s role is to continually ask how the public is being engaged.

The Subcommittee also reviewed the Federal Inventory of Safety Activities and was involved in the development and testing of versions of this document so that when it is ready to go, it will be useful for the general public.

In addition to the Subcommittee’s meeting yesterday, they also meet by phone and had previously gone over the transcripts from 11 key informant interviews regarding Federal activities in vaccine communication. The Subcommittee expects to use the key informant interviews, along with a literature review, in a review paper.

The Committee also continues to work with the Immunization Services Division within NCIRD on the NIS module for the parents of young children on their knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs regarding childhood vaccines.


Dr. Gellin began the discussion by asking Dr. Humiston to elaborate on the key informant interviews. Through a contract with the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), the Subcommittee developed a moderator’s guide for questions regarding Federal activities in communication, public consultation, and public participation related to vaccines. They also developed a list of Federal employees as well as former Federal employees; they asked them questions about what activities have been good and bad and what direction things should go in in terms of communication about vaccines. At this point, the 11 interviews have been completed. However, as a result of the interview process, the Subcommittee was provided with the names of two more key informants that need to be interviewed. ORISE is going to conduct these two additional interviews. Once they have been completed, the Subcommittee will decide whether they will do a formal qualitative analysis of the information or if they will simply read the interviews for content and review key literature on the subject.

Dr. Gellin asked what the Subcommittee’s timeframe was in terms of bringing something back to the entire NVAC Committee. Dr. Humiston explained that they had no clear timetable as she is on sabbatical. Dr. Gellin reiterated that the point of Subcommittees is to move things forward. He stated that he would work with the other Subcommittee chairs to determine how to move forward with the activities this Subcommittee has identified.

NVAC Vaccine Finance Working Group—Update—Dr. Guthrie S. Birkhead

Dr. Birkhead began his presentation by providing the Committee with a brief summary of two studies that are underway by Dr. Freed. These studies are funded by CDC, and the ideas for these studies were suggested by this Working Group. He explained that the Working Group has been waiting for this preliminary data in order to develop a White Paper.

The first study was an assessment of private provider attitudes regarding vaccine financing. The purpose of this study was to determine the attitudes of private immunization providers regarding the purchase of newly recommended vaccines and reimbursement for vaccine purchase and administration. In this study, a survey was sent to a random sample of pediatricians and family physicians across the Nation by mail.

Some of the draft findings of this study indicated that

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