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October 2007 NVAC Meeting Minutes

important not to simply immunize anyone who wants to be immunized.

Dr. Almquist concluded the discussion by asking the Subcommittee if they wanted to take the issue of adult immunization coverage on as a challenge, and the Subcommittee agreed to this challenge.

Update on Immunization Information System’s (IIS) Stakeholder Meeting—Dr. Gary L. Urquhart

Dr. Gary L. Urquhart announced the fact that Dr. Alan R. Hinman’s article about Immunization Information Systems (IIS) was published in the November edition of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. There were four recommendations listed in Dr. Hinman’s NVAC report that addressed having meetings with stakeholders for various purposes. The purpose of Dr. Bruce G. Gellin’s letter, which accompanied the article, was to invite people to attend a stakeholders’ meeting to debate the pros and cons of these recommendations and to develop action plans as to how to proceed.

Discussion on Immunization Information Systems (IIS)

Dr. Almquist expressed hope that at least one member of the Subcommittee would be able to attend the stakeholder meeting. Some discussion ensued as to possibly changing the dates of the stakeholder meetings in order to make it more feasible for members of the Subcommittee to attend.

Dr. Rawlins also mentioned the importance of including adult physician groups in these stakeholder meetings even though the focus had been primarily on pediatric populations. Dr. Almquist agreed as many of the IISs already allow for the entry of adult data.

Revisiting the Discussion on the Subcommittee’s Role in Terms of Adult Immunizations

Dr. Rodewald revisited the issue of the Subcommittee on Immunization Coverage’s role in terms of adult immunizations. He wondered if there should be a Working Group on adult immunizations or if this Subcommittee should take on that role as it seemed to be the Subcommittee best equipped to handle the issue.

Dr. Almquist expressed concerns about diluting the number of NVAC members if a separate Working Group or Subcommittee was created to handle the issue of adult immunizations. He offered the possibility of creating Working Groups to address certain issues or areas of adult immunizations. He also explained that the Financing Working Group was doing a beautiful job of handling one of the Subcommittee’s major issues and that the Subcommittee had already addressed the issue of immunization registries, so perhaps the possibility exists for this Subcommittee to become an Adult/Adolescent Immunization Working Group.

Dr. Birkhead followed by explaining that the Financing Working Group was currently focusing on childhood immunizations and that once that was finished in the spring, they would move their focus to adult immunizations. However, he also cautioned that the Financing Working Group would not cover all issues related to adult immunization coverage.

Dr. Young mentioned her experience working with the Adolescent Working Group and that the Working Groups seemed to move along quickly, meet deadlines, and work well together while the Subcommittees never seemed to get their teeth into anything.

Dr. Almquist responded by proposing that the Subcommittee tackle areas that NVAC and other advisers felt needed to be dealt with immediately, regarding adult immunizations, and then move into other areas. He explained that the ultimate goal would be to have solutions ready for when the new administration

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