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Use of any gasoline except for oxygen-bearing fuels such as nitrous oxide, alcohol, nitromethane, methanol, etc., is permitted. However, gasoline required in the Front Range area during certain times of the year containing MTBE or ethanol, and widely available from ordinary service stations is permitted.


Performance enhancing options which were installed by the factory as part of the process of ordering a new vehicle for delivery in the United States will not disqualify a vehicle from being in the Street classes.  Factory options may be added to a car in the Street classes as long as only factory parts are used, the option was available from the factory for that year model, and the option is completely installed, i.e., as if it had been ordered from the factory with that option.  This provision may not carry over to classification of Production or Improved cars.


Any fire extinguisher is permitted and a fire extinguisher is highly recommended. However, vehicles in the Street classes are the only vehicles which are not required to have a fire extinguisher for Driver's Education track events.


In addition to the modifications allowed for Street Classes, the following additional modifications are allowed in the Production and Improved classes without penalty points:


Exhaust – Any modification after the head is permitted. The muffler may be removed when event conditions permit.


Any shock absorber, anti-sway bar, torsion bar, coil spring or tie-rod end may be used. Coil springs may not be substituted for torsion bars.


Any updating or backdating of parts and assemblies within the same model range and Challenge Series class. Model ranges are described in Appendix A. No such changes are allowed outside of model range unless the vehicle is completely changed to meet the weight, transmission gear ratios, ring & pinion, and track specifications contained in Appendix B, and has the appropriate body type, engine, wheels, and tires for its imitated model range. Transmission gear changes cannot result in gearing which could not have been achieved by purchasing a complete earlier or later transmission within Model Range and Challenge Series class.


Drilled or slotted rotors may be used. Any brake component within series (as described in Appendix A) may be used. Pads, linings and brake lines of any manufacture may be used. A "safety braker" device may be used. Any type of brake cooling may be used. Vehicles which could be ordered with the M030 suspension option may use the M030 brakes even if updating rules would not allow it.


Any shock tower brace may be used as long as it is bolted in (not welded) and is triangulated in only one plane.

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