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a decision, act or omission of the organizers, officials, vehicle, driver or other persons connected with the competition, which is considered to be in violation of these rules, or an improper interpretation of these rules, except that they shall not have the right to protest the requirements for entry.


Every protest shall be made in writing, specifying the protested vehicle's number, a brief description of the vehicle, and specific rule infraction. The protest shall be made to the Protest Committee and signed by the protestor. Protests should be submitted prior to timed runs to allow proper reclassification when possible, and must be submitted within 30 minutes of completion of the last timed run of the protested vehicle.  Each protest must be accompanied by a fee of $20.00 in cash. The fee shall be returned if the protest is upheld.  Otherwise the fee will go to the sponsoring region's treasury. Protests made by the Protest Committee or by the event chairperson are fee-exempt.


Each vehicle in the competition must be available for inspection for at least 30 minutes following the last timed run of each entrant; otherwise the protest will automatically be upheld.


The Protest Committee has the right to impound any vehicle protested. It is the driver's responsibility to present the vehicle as required. The vehicle must remain unchanged until released by the Protest Committee.


Only a member of the Protest Committee, Event Chairperson, or another driver in the same class can protest a vehicle. The protestor may request that the vehicle be dismantled, inspected, or any other test be made, provided that the protestor posts a cash bond with the Protest Committee sufficient to cover the total expense of disassembly, inspection and reassembly. If the vehicle is found upon inspection to conform to the rules, the protestor shall forfeit the bond, which shall be used to cover the costs involved. If the vehicle is found upon inspection not to conform to the rules, the protestor's bond shall be returned and the driver of the protested vehicle shall stand all expenses and be subject to penalty as determined by the Protest Committee.


The Protest Committee shall hear the arguments of the protestor and the protestee, and by majority vote determine the validity of the protest and shall issue a written opinion containing its findings, reasoning, and penalties, if any. Protest outcomes will be published (without names) with the event results.


The Protest Committee shall determine penalties for upheld protests which are appropriate to the seriousness of the offense. It is not necessary that every protest result in disqualification. If a vehicle is found to have been improperly classified, any penalties shall be assessed against each driver of that vehicle. However, the Protest Committee may not place a vehicle in another class after it has taken a timed run, nor may it place a vehicle in another class for previous events.

RMR/AMR Event Rules – 2008Page 19

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