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Role and membership of Protest Committee


The event Chairperson shall appoint, prior to each event, a Protest Committee consisting of three persons, with members of both AMR and RMR represented. A member of the Challenge Series Rules Committee shall be the chairperson of the Protest Committee, if possible.


The event Chairperson shall appoint, as necessary, alternates for Protest Committee members who are protested or are in the same class as the protested vehicle.


Each member of the Protest Committee has one vote.


Decisions of the Protest Committee are final, subject to discretionary review by the Challenge Series Committee. Drivers subject to the protest, who brought the protest, or whose Challenge Series standings could be affected by the protest may petition the Challenge Series Committee to review the decision. The petition shall conform to Chapter V.B. above, except that the fee shall be returned if the Challenge Series Committee declines to review the decision of the Protest Committee. The petition shall be submitted to a member of the Challenge Series Committee within five days of the Protest Committee Decision.


Role of the Challenge Series Committee. Upon receipt of a petition for review, the Committee members shall be polled. If one-third of its members wish to review the matter, a meeting shall be held with as much notice as practical to all parties. The Challenge Series Committee shall determine the facts, apply the rules, and determine the penalty, if any, to be assessed against each driver of the vehicle. The results shall be published as in Chapter V.F. above. Decisions of the Challenge Series Committee are final.


The goal of the safety policy is to make all events as safe as possible through safety procedures appropriate to our drivers education and autocross events. To achieve this goal, a Safety Chairperson is appointed on a yearly basis for each region by its President with the advice and consent of each region's Board of Directors. The Safety Chairperson shall have overall responsibility for safety rules and making recommendations to the Board of Directors of each region. Each specific event is governed by an Event Safety Committee composed of the Event Chairperson, Event Chief Instructor, and the Event Safety Chairperson.  At an autocross, the Event Chairperson shall appoint an experienced member to fill the Chief Instructor position on the Safety Committee.

The Event Safety Committee has full authority, acting in its sole discretion, to impose sanctions for dangerous or over-aggressive driving, fast driving in the paddock or pits, unsafe conduct, or other violations of safety rules, on any entrant during the course of an event. These may include, but are not limited

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