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to, loss of track or run time or dismissal from the event. Any imposition of sanctions extending beyond the event where the violation occurred is a matter for determination by the Board of Directors of the region in question.

The Safety Rules contained in this booklet shall be considered minimum requirements for every event and shall not preclude implementation of additional safety measures for specific events or conditions. In addition to this policy, the following rules apply to track events:

An ambulance and trained medical personnel will be in attendance at all Driver's Education events while vehicles are on the track.

A vehicle to serve as an emergency vehicle will be present at all Driver's Education events while vehicles are on the track. This vehicle will have a 4 to 5 foot pry bar, fireproof gloves, knife, extra fire extinguisher and oil drying compound to be used on the track.

Corner workers will wear orange vests at all times.

A securely mounted fire extinguisher convenient to the driver is required in all vehicles except those in the Street classes.

Use of alcohol or illegal drugs is not allowed during any event by anybody who is within the area for which a liability waiver must be signed.


To qualify for a year-end trophy within a class you must participate in at least four categories of events as follows:

1 Autocross

1 Rally/Tour

2 Driver’s Education events in 2008

For purposes of qualification, you may satisfy your Rally obligation by working one of the Rally/Tours without having to enter. If you elect to use this method, you will receive one participation point.

To participate in an Autocross or Driver's School for Challenge Series scoring purposes, you must attend the event and take the green starting flag for at least one practice session or timed run. To participate in a Concours, you must be the entrant or co-entrant of a vehicle that is judged. To participate in a Rally/Tour, you must be the driver or navigator of a vehicle that drives some portion of the Rally/Tour route, or work the event. If, for any reason, you do not have a timed run or score in an event, it is your duty to notify the event chairperson that you are to be reported as having participated in the event. An event chair or co-chair (limit of two persons) who does not enter their own event receives one participation point for that event anyway in whichever class the chair or co-chair declares. In the case of a TSD rally, the event chairs are awarded 9 points.

Timing will send results of timed events and the Chair of a Rally/Tour will send results to the Challenge Series Chair and the Webmeister within two weeks of the completion of the event.  The results will then be posted on the website.  

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