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participation point will be awarded to each person who had pre-registered for the event at the time of cancellation.

An entrant who participated in the event, but did not finish at least one timed run will receive only one participation point. A disqualification (four wheels off in a Driver's Education event, missing the course in an Autocross) is the same as not finishing.


If a Rally/Tour event has at least one hour, either consecutively or cumulatively, of one or more time/speed/distance legs which follow recognized rally rules similar to the Rally General Rules in Chapter XIV, then participants who start and finish the event and start one TSD leg will receive points in their declared Challenge Series class in accordance with their place in their Challenge Series declared class for the time/speed/distance portion of the event. All Rally/Tour workers (as designated by the event chair), or persons who participate in an event which is aborted or shortened below the required minimum due to weather, traffic, organizational, or other difficulties will receive one Challenge Series participation point (event chair or co-chair receives nine points). Trophies, if any, for such an event may be given on any basis selected by the event chair, and may include scoring of legs or the whole event by means, objective or otherwise, not involving TSD rules.

A Rally/Tour which does not have the specified minimum TSD portions will be a "participation point only" event. Such events may be scored in any way the event chair desires for the purposes of giving out event trophies, or may not be scored at all, as the event chair sees fit.

Rally/Tour entrants must designate the Challenge Series Class to which their points will be assigned on the entry form. The driver and navigator may designate different Challenge Series classes. An entrant may use any vehicle within the restrictions of Chapter II, General Rules.

A Rally/Tour will not be a race and will not require you to violate any traffic laws. Check with the Event Chairperson for specifics, and to determine whether or not the particular event is a full points or a participation only event.


Concours entrants must designate the Challenge Series Class to which their points will be assigned on the entry form. The entrant and co-entrant may designate different Challenge Series classes. The place a vehicle receives in the Concours class entered will transfer as the Challenge Series place and points in the Challenge Series Class designated for the entrant and co-entrant.


Should a tie exist in any class at the conclusion of the Challenge Series events for the calendar year, the tie will be broken by awarding one additional point to the entrant who participated in the most Challenge Series events in that class during the year. If the number of Challenge Series events participated in

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