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·          This means a seat is required to have the proper routing holes for the harness as supplied by the seat manufacturer for the shoulder and anti-submarine straps.  The shoulder straps should be mounted at 90 degrees to the axis of your spine or at most 40 degrees down from horizontal.  Because the addition of the harness system means the occupants are fastened upright in the vehicle, a properly padded roll bar or roll cage is strongly encouraged to complete the system.  The use of one without the other may result in an unsafe environment and is not a complete system.   

Driving apparel: closed shoes with uppers of leather and/or nonflammable material that at a minimum cover the instep (ventilation pinholes by the manufacturer are allowed), natural fiber pants and natural fiber long sleeve shirt or fire retardant suit. In the Modified classes, PCA Club Racing required fire resistant clothing is strongly recommended.

The vehicle must pass a "Tech Inspection" prior to participating in the event. (A Pre-Tech will be made available about 10 days prior to all Driver's Education events).

All loose items must be removed from compartments, passenger area and trunk.

Use utmost care while driving in the pit and parking area (do not exceed 5 MPH). Participants deemed to be driving unsafely may be disqualified from the event.

Roll bars are required in all open vehicles and are encouraged in all other vehicles, particularly in the Modified classes.  Open vehicles include 356, 911, 944 and 968 Roadsters, Cabriolets, Speedsters, and Boxsters. Roll bars must be equipped with adequate padding in all areas exposed to the driver.

When roll bars are installed, the driver's helmet must not break the plane from the top of the windshield to the top of the rollbar (i.e., "broomstick test").  2" of clearance between helmet and broomstick is recommended.  Boxsters running in Production, Improved and Modified classes must meet the "broomstick test".  Roll bar extensions may be used to achieve the required clearance.

All 996,997 Cabs that are delivered with factory-installed roll over protection meets these roll bar requirements and need not meet the "broomstick test" (delete).  These vehicles must run with the soft top up or the hardtop installed, unless arm restraints are used.  

Arm restraints are required for drivers and passengers of all open vehicles which do not have their soft tops up or a hardtop installed.

Special rules govern non-Porsches participating in Driver’s Education events:  All open cars and convertibles must have a roll bar or factory rollover protection.  SUV’s and high center of gravity vehicles are not allowed unless equipped with factory rollover

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