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prevention systems.

Sunroofs must be closed and roadster and Targa tops must be in place and securely fastened in vehicles without roll bars.

All participants except Instructors are required to work corners in order to qualify for Challenge Series points.

It is highly recommended that a driver who has never driven a specific track have an Instructor drive the driver's vehicle for the first few laps. It is required that an Instructor be in the vehicle.

The only passenger allowed in a vehicle is one instructor when the student is driving or one student when the instructor is driving.

No passengers are allowed during timed runs.

The left window must be down and doors unlocked during practice runs. The left window may be up during timed runs.

No racing is allowed. Passing is allowed only at designated areas on the track and as described in the following paragraphs.

Passing procedures are as follows:

The responsibility for passing is that of the vehicle in front, not the vehicle that wants to pass. Passing is to be performed only at designated areas (usually straights) that will be specified at the driver's meeting at each Driver's Education event.

All students should check the rear view mirrors frequently, especially when entering a straight, to see if they are holding up other vehicles.

If you are impeding the progress of a vehicle or vehicles following you, you must indicate to them on which side you want them to pass. If you want them to pass on the left, hold your left arm straight out and point left. If you want them to pass on the right, hold your left arm out the window and point over the roof to the right. Make this signal prominent.  A passing flag may be shown if you are impeding the progress of a vehicle following you.

Then slow down and allow the following vehicle or vehicles to pass.

Following vehicles must not pass until the signal is given. If no passing signal is given, a following vehicle may try flashing the headlights. If this doesn't work, held up vehicles should exit the track at the appointed place and notify the Starter.

If a yellow flag is signaled, no passing is permitted from the corner worker station displaying the yellow flag until the incident is passed and the next manned corner worker station can be seen to be not displaying a yellow flag.


There are two Divisions in Concours events. Each Division is composed of several classes depending on the model Porsche.

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