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Autocrosses. Such vehicles must be entered in the configuration used in the competitive events. Vehicles will not be required to have items not generally required for competition, such as spare tires, tool kits, etc.

Limited Production Entries include such Porsches as America Roadsters, Beutlers, Spyders, Carrera GS's or GT's, Abarths, 904's and 906's, 911R's, 911RSR's, 911 SCRS, 924 GTs, etc.

Novice Class: Any entrant who has never entered a PCA Concours event may enter the Novice Class. Only the interior, exterior, storage compartment and engine compartment will be judged and no chassis or undercarriage judging will be performed. There will not be a time limit on the judging of Novice Class entrants. Written and verbal comments and discussion with the judges will occur.


Judging shall be based on cleanliness, condition and authenticity of the entry as it was originally manufactured, exclusive of transportation and/or anti-corrosion protection. An entry will not be penalized if it is equipped with such accessories as CB radios, radar detectors, special seat belts, fire extinguisher, etc. Entries will not be penalized for replacement parts which conform to original manufacturing specifications.

Each entry shall be judged as an assembled unit and therefore, all parts such as Speedster side curtains, bumpers, tops, spare tire, etc., must be attached to the vehicle in their normally affixed position. Entries with convertible tops shall be shown with the top up. Upon request by a judge, the entrant will be required to remove or open specific items such as gas filler lids, spare tires, etc. Oil caps, battery caps, brake fluid caps, spark plug connectors, etc., will not be removed from their normally affixed position.

An entrant may be required to demonstrate the ability to start, idle and have any component checked for proper operation and maintenance. (Example: horn, lights, brakes, power antenna, etc.).

Judging time will not exceed five (5) minutes per entry, with the exception of the Novice Class, as explained above. The entrant or his representative must be available during the time of judging.

In the event of a tie, the entries involved will be rejudged by checking a specific item as determined by the Event Chairman.

PCA Parade Competition Rules in effect for the most recent PCA Concours may be used by the Event Chairman to resolve protests or disputes.

Bonus Points

Original Interior: Bonus points, one-half (1/2) point per year of age up to a maximum of 10 bonus points. To qualify, the interior must be at least 75 percent of the original interior installed at the factory. Current year models receive no bonus points.

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