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Original Exterior: Bonus points, one-half (1/2) point per year of age up to a maximum of 10 bonus points. The paint must be at least 75 percent of the original paint as applied at the factory. Current year models receive no bonus points.

Age Difference: Age bonus points will be awarded to compensate for age differences and will be one-half (1/2) point per year of age. For example, a 1979 car would receive 13.0 age bonus points in 2005.

Each entrant will indicate their eligibility for bonus points on the Entry Form and Master Score Sheet and the Event Chairman will rule if an entry is qualified for bonus points.

Awards and Protests

Awards will be presented for each class except Display. In addition, there will be one overall winner in the Street and Novice Divisions as determined by the total points accumulated, including bonus points. A People's Choice and a Judges/Entrant's Choice award will also be presented.

Individual score sheets will be returned to the Entrant during the presentation of awards. Written protests must be filed with the Event Chairman within 30 minutes of the end of the awards presentation.


Corner Working Procedures:

A minimum of two workers per corner are required, one of which must have previous Driver's Education event experience or the equivalent, except at Autocrosses which may have only one corner worker. No person under the age of 18 is permitted at a corner working station. No pets are permitted at corner working stations.

One worker will have communications equipment for notifying the track control of any problems. This worker will observe the track past their station.

Corner workers will not leave their "bunker" while vehicles are on the track unless a red flag has been displayed or Control has authorized it.

A second worker controls the flags to warn vehicles approaching their station of the status of the track ahead.

A fire extinguisher, 10 ABC minimum, is required at each corner. If use of the extinguisher is required, after the red flag is displayed and announced, the worker should proceed directly and safely to the vehicle with the extinguisher cradled in the worker's arms, pull the safety pin and aim the stream at the base of the fire.

For Driver’s Education events, apparel must be leather or other nonflammable closed shoes, natural fiber pants and natural

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