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fiber long sleeve shirt or fire retardant suit, so the worker is as protected as the driver, should a fire occur.  For Autocrosses, bare feet, sandals or open-toed shoes are not permitted.

No cameras, stereos, etc. are to be used while corner working.

Flag meaning and procedures:

Be positive in the use of flags.  Make them prominent when displayed and keep them out of sight otherwise. A waving flag should be waved vigorously in a figure eight pattern so its presence cannot be overlooked, but from within the corner worker station bunker.

Green Flag: this flag allows each vehicle waiting in the pits to proceed onto the track when the track is clear. It is displayed only by the Starter. No driver may enter the track from the pits without being given the Green Flag by the starter.

Yellow Flag: this flag signifies that something has happened on the track up ahead. It may be used at any corner on the track and at the start line. It may be displayed either standing still or waving, depending on the severity of the problem ahead. Slow down and use caution. Absolutely no passing permitted. The waving yellow means there is a hazard on the track in the line and you will have to slow enough that you can safely drive wherever the situation demands. It may also be displayed during the active phase of a spin or off-course excursion until the resting spot of the errant vehicle can be determined. The standing yellow is typically used to continue to mark a previously occurring incident, and requires slowing enough so that there is no chance of succeeding vehicles also leaving the track.

Red Flag: this flag signifies that there is a major problem on the track. It is displayed only at the order of Event Control, and is shown at all corners of the track and the start line simultaneously. All drivers must stop their vehicles on the side of the track as quickly and safely as possible until the flag is retracted. Don't jam on the brakes or the vehicle following you may not be able to stop in time.

Blue with diagonal Yellow Stripe Flag: this flag will be displayed to a specific vehicle signifying to the driver that he/she is holding up other vehicles and should direct vehicles to pass at the next designated passing area.

Black Flag: this flag will be displayed to a specific vehicle and signifies that the Starter or another official wants to talk to the driver. Pull into the pits at the normal, designated spot and see the Starter. There may be a problem with the vehicle (leaks, hood not latched, etc.) or the driver which requires discussion or correction. A Black flag at all corner stations (often with a Yellow displayed simultaneously at all stations) means all drivers are to clear the track and return to the pits for restaging.

RMR/AMR Event Rules – 2008Page 31

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