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Checkered Flag: will be displayed at the end of a practice session signifying that you are on your last lap. This lap is intended to be a cool down lap, which means not driving at full speed, and no passing allowed. Pull off the track at the designated exit and return to the pit area.

Other flags: Yellow with vertical Red Stripes is a cautionary flag meaning oil or debris on the track, but is seldom used in driving events, which are not races. Black with an Orange Circle (the "meatball") displayed to a particular vehicle means a mechanical problem with the vehicle, but the Black Flag is used in driving events for this purpose. The White flag has different meanings in different racing events (one lap to go for the checker, or ambulance or other slow moving vehicle on the track).  In our events, a white flag may be displayed when only five minutes are left in the run session. An event official would order a red flag instead for an ambulance, or a black flag and yellow flag for a wrecker to tow a vehicle in.


This covers any vehicle not covered under the ANNUAL pre tech policy.

It is the policy of AMR and RMR to inspect each vehicle and driver's equipment prior to participation in any Driver's Education or Autocross event. For Driver's Education events, a full technical inspection of the items specified in this chapter is required, using the approved tech sheet form. The pre-tech portion should be accomplished by the entrant before the event - see Administrative Rule 7, Chapter XIII. Pre-tech allows entrants sufficient time to correct any deficiencies, and prevents delays at the track. In addition to the tech inspection, each vehicle will be checked prior to entering the track for the first time (top-tech) as indicated on the tech form. Drivers who cannot attend the advertised pre-techs may have a Porsche mechanic, RMR/AMR current instructor, or anyone else approved by the event chair, region safety chair, or region pre-tech chair pre-tech their vehicle, using the approved tech sheet, if such person believes he or she is competent to do so. But you can’t tech your own vehicle. Top-tech is the minimum inspection required at an Autocross, but entrants are responsible for having their vehicles comply with all of the requirements of this chapter.

ANNUAL pre-tech for Track only cars

The car must not be street legal because of modifications.

The car must not have been driven on the street between events.

The ANNUAL pre-tech is valid per calendar year.

RMR/AMR Event Rules – 2008Page 32

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