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A primary driver of a vehicle may not drive in a practice session or timed run in place of a co-driver of that vehicle, and vice versa.


In order for a vehicle to be entered in more than one class in an event, or for any entrant to enter more than one vehicle, additional full registrations must be paid for each additional class or vehicle.


An entrant who enters the same vehicle in more than one class or who enters more than one vehicle shall get the normal number of practice sessions or timed runs for each entry, subject, however, to the obligation to perform corner working the same number of times as single entrants, or, in the case of an instructor, to be available for instruction to the same extent as a single entrant instructor.


At an Autocross or Driver's Education track event, only the entrant and a certified AMR or RMR driving instructor may be in the vehicle while it is driven on the course or track during practice sessions. During timed runs in such events, only the entrant may be in the vehicle.  See #9 for “Taste of the Track” participation.


“A Taste of the Track:” with the approval of the event chair and the chief instructor, a person who is not otherwise entered in the event who is PCA member or guest of a PCA member, may ride with an instructor in a slow run group during one session.  The participant must be registered for the event at the reduced “Taste of the Track” fee.


A current, valid driver's license is required of all entrants.


No entrant or “Taste of the Track” participant may be less than 18 years old, except under the Junior Participation Program in RMR Autocrosses and Rally/Tours.


Vehicles driven on a track in an Autocross or Drivers Education event may not produce sound exceeding 105 dB(A). ALL cars running at Aspen must have mufflers.  The event chair shall enforce this rule as needed during practice sessions, but shall not allow a vehicle not in compliance to continue to make laps. If the entrant has been warned during practice about noncompliance, and the vehicle is not in compliance during timed runs, no time for any run will be given to the entrant driving at the time of timed-run noncompliance. If the entrant had not previously been warned during the event, a two-second penalty shall be added to all timed runs by the driver at the time of non-compliance. A warning to one driver of a vehicle is a warning to all. Use of calibrated and certified sound measuring devices is not required, and any regularly available sound measuring device may be used at the discretion of the event chair. The event chair should try to take measurements approximately 50' from the edge of the normal driving line on the track surface at approximately the same elevation as the driver s head, and away from large vertical sound-reflecting surfaces. The place selected for measurement should

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