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be at a place where vehicles are normally at full throttle. Event chairs may take guidance from the SCCA Sound Control Manual as a way of increasing the accuracy of sound measurements, but are not required to follow that manual. If the track or property owner has more stringent requirements concerning noise levels or measurement methods, these must be followed.


General Instructions for TSD Rallies


Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rallies are driving events where competitors are provided a set of instructions to travel a designated route, at directed speeds, on open, public roads. There may be one or multiple legs needed to cover the route, with each leg scored independently. The instructions and speeds directed are to be followed as precisely as possible. By doing so, the rallyist will traverse the course over a set time. The rallyist is scored on how closely its time compares to the calculated perfect time for traversing each leg of the course. Points are assigned (see Part VII) for the amount of time, either early or late, that the rallyist deviates from the calculated perfect time. The points for each leg, plus any penalty points assigned (see Part VII), are totaled to derive the final score. The lowest score wins.

These General Instructions are meant to provide consistency among rallies sponsored by the Alpine Mountain and Rocky Mountain Regions of the Porsche Club of America. Their use is required for Time-Speed-Distance rallies that are a part of the Challenge Series of events and is encouraged for other rally events. Non-TSD rallies, or so-called “gimmick” rallies, are encouraged to use the relevant non-timing portions of these rules

II.The Event Supplement

These rules are not meant to stifle the creativity of the event organizers, and anything herein can be modified and added to. A Supplement to these General Instructions must be provided to contestants prior to or on the day of the event to explain any changes and to meet the requirements of these General Instructions regarding course following rules and priorities (see Part III).

Other topics in the Supplement, if not otherwise conveyed to the contestants, should include: start line procedures (where and when Route Instructions will be handed out), starting time, placement of car number, maximum distance between instructions (see Part IV), and a copy of the Time Delay Request form (see Part IX).

III.The Route

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