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All rally roads are through public roads. Roads marked “Dead End,” “No Outlet,” “Private Drive” or similar phrases, or that visibly end in a cul-de-sac or barricade, do not exist unless a Route Instruction clearly states otherwise.

At each intersection you encounter, execute the active Route Instruction if it is applicable. If the active instruction is not applicable, execute the first applicable of the “Main Road Rules” which determines a unique route. The possible main road rules are cited below and may be referenced in the Supplement by the short title indicated. The Supplement for the particular event must make clear which main road conventions are in effect for that rally and in what priority order they should be applied.

CENTERLINE: Follow the main road as indicated by a painted centerline.

CWA: Follow the main road as indicated by a Curve Warning Arrow.

ONTO: When placed “on” or “onto” a road by name or number, the rallyist is to continue on that road, however it may turn, until a subsequent course-directing Route Instruction is executed. That is, if the rallyist has been placed “onto” a road and that road makes a turn, the rallyist will turn to follow the road in the absence of an instruction to do otherwise.

PROTECTION: Take the road that is “protected;” that is, one that does not have a Stop or Yield sign. The presence of a Stop or Yield sign on the road on which you enter the intersection is immaterial. It will be necessary to recognize backward facing Stop and Yield signs by their standard shapes to apply this rule.

SURFACE: Leave the intersection on a road that has the same surface (paved or unpaved) as the one on which you entered. Roads that visibly change surfaces a short distance beyond an intersection are considered to change at the intersection.

RIGHT (or LEFT) AT T: Turn right (or left) at a T intersection (see definitions).

STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE: Go as straight as possible, but do not use this rule to leave a limited access highway.

IV.Route Instructions

The Route Instructions, combined with these General Instructions as supplemented for the event, will guide your route and time through the rally. Execute each instruction at the first opportunity, unless stated otherwise, in ascending numerical order. Each must be completely executed before the next becomes active, unless the instruction clearly states otherwise. Material in parenthesis is meant to be helpful but is not essential to the proper execution of the instruction.

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