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Instructions may reference signs, objects or places along the rally route. When an instruction includes words, letters, numbers or symbols within quotation marks, you must see those words, letters, numbers or symbols on a sign along the rally route in the normal sequence as they were meant to be read. When less than an entire sign is quoted in an instruction, a prominent portion will be quoted and no words, letters or numbers between or among those quoted will be left out. All quoted signs will be on the right of the rally route unless otherwise indicated (see Definitions) and will be readable from your direction of approach (i.e. there will be no requirement to look backward to execute a Route Instruction).

When an instruction references objects or places along the rally route, such objects or places must be identified by a sign (which may be anywhere) or must be defined in these General Instructions. Such references will be in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS without quotation marks. Terms specifically defined in these General Instructions should be used only as defined.

In signs quoted or those identifying landmarks, spelling is accurate but case and punctuation may be ignored. Symbols (such as arrows) may be ignored unless they are cited in the instruction.

Speeds cited in CAST instructions (see Definitions) are in miles per hour and are average speeds over the distance they are in effect. It will not be necessary to violate any speed limits or other traffic laws to achieve a perfect score at any control.

To avoid lengthy off-course excursions by the rallyists, the Route Instructions (or Supplement if the rallymaster prefers) should state the maximum distance between the execution points of consecutive Route Instructions. It is recommended that this be not more than 5.0 miles.

V.Definitions and Abbreviations

At“In the vicinity of” for turns; “even with” for speed changes and pauses.

AfterUnless the instruction specifies otherwise, the indicated action is to be taken at the first opportunity following the designated landmark or sign.

Bear Right (or Left)A turn in the indicated direction of substantially less than 90o

BeforeAny navigational aid identified by the use of the word “before” will be visible from the point of the instruction’s execution. The indicated action is to be taken at the last opportunity before the referenced sign or landmark.

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