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CASTAn acronym for Change Average Speed To, indicating that the preceding average speed is to be discontinued and replaced by the value given after “CAST.”

Free ZoneA part of the timed rally route in which there are no timing controls.

IntersectionThe point of any meeting or crossing of two or more rally roads where the rallyist has a choice of directions in which to proceed without making a U-turn.

Left or LA turn to the left of from 1 to 179 degrees.

OBS“Observe.”  To take note of a specific sign, landmark, object or place along the route of travel.

Odometer Check LegA group of instructions at the beginning of a rally that will allow you to compare your odometer readings with that of the car that made the official measurement on which the timing calculations are based. If your mileage is higher or lower than that given for the check leg, you should adjust the CAST speeds in the instructions by a comparable percentage. For example, if the official mileage of the Odo Leg is 8.57 miles and it registered 9.43 on you odometer, you are higher by a factor of 1.10 (9.34/8.57). You should then adjust all CAST speeds by that factor. CAST 30 in the instructions would in effect be CAST 33 for your car.

OrExecute either the portion of the instruction before the word “or” or the portion after the word “or,” but not both. The first opportunity encountered should be used to execute the instruction.

PauseTo delay a specified time at a named point or during passage of a specified distance. The pause time is added to the time required at a given average speed to traverse the specified distance. The specified distance over which a pause is operative is a Free Zone.

Right or RA turn to the right of from 1 to 179 degrees.

RRXA railroad crossing at grade on the rally route. Each pair of rails is a separate crossing.

SLAn official black on white speed limit sign posting a speed on the rally route, which the rallyist is obliged to obey. May be specifically referenced to the posted speed as SL50, SL45, etc.

RMR/AMR Event Rules – 2008Page 46

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