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SASign Anywhere (left, right or overhead)

SOLSign on Left

STOP“Stop” (in quotations) or STOP (without quotations) refers to a red octagonal sign with white letters at an intersection that faces and is applicable to the rally route, even if you are making a right turn and appear to avoid the STOP. Count only one STOP per intersection.

TAn intersection having the general shape of the letter “T” approached from the base and requiring a turn to the left or right. It is not possible to go straight at a T.

Traffic Light or TLA signal consisting of red, yellow and green lights designed to control traffic at an intersection on the rally route. It need not be operational or it may be operating as a blinker. Count only one traffic light per intersection.

Transit ZoneA part of a rally route in which there are no timing controls and in which no specific speed need be maintained. Either an exact time for passage or a restart time from the end of the Transit Zone will be given. An approximate distance for the length of the Transit Zone may be given.

Turn Toward   Turn (may also specify left or right) in the direction indicated by an arrow on a sign referencing an object or place referenced in an instruction, or turn toward a sign or landmark referenced in an instruction.

U-turnTo reverse direction and proceed in the opposite direction along the road being traveled to that point.

YAn intersection in the shape of a “Y,” approached from the base and requiring a turn to either the right or left. Either turn will be substantially less than 90º.

YIELD“Yield” (in quotations) or YIELD (without quotations) refers to a red and white triangular sign with the tip of the triangle pointing downward at an intersection and controlling the lane of travel for the rally route. Count only one YIELD per intersection.

VI.Control Procedures

All Controls (or Checkpoints) are manned, open controls on the right side of the rally route. Each marks the end of one leg and the beginning of the next. The time you are early or late at a control will determine your penalty; you cannot make up or lose that time on the next leg. Checkpoint procedures are

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