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Pass the timing line, marked by “√.” at rally speed. Stay in line; do not pass other cars prior to completing Step 2.


Hand your scorecard to the worker at the timing table, then immediately pull past the timing table a short distance. Check your rearview mirror to make sure you are not keeping other cars from reaching the timing table. Stay in your car.


Your scorecard will be returned to you by a runner with your recorded in-time and assigned out-time filled in. This is the official record. Resolve timing discrepancies immediately with the captain. Copy the times and make score calculations on the extra copy of the score card for your record since the official cards will be turned in. You will also receive a leg critique slip containing the official leg time, leg mileage, out speed, next instruction, and in some cases the specified restart point and/or special instructions.


After receiving your card from the worker, immediately pull ahead to the restart marker, noted by the letter “R”, an orange pylon, or a sign or landmark specified on the critique slip. Your assigned time out is from the restart marker; the distance between the timing line and the restart point is not used in the timing calculations. Do not block the restart sign or allow the restart area to become congested.

If other than manned, open controls are used (such as Do-It-Yourself, Off Course, Monte Carlo, or Passage, for example), the operating and scoring procedures shall be clearly stated in the Supplement.

VII.Scoring and Penalties

You will be penalized one point per hundredth of a minute early or late at a control up to a maximum of 500 points (5 minutes). You will be penalized 1,000 points for missing a control or entering it after it has closed.

You may be penalized, at the discretion of the checkpoint captain, 250 points for 1) unsafe conduct (e.g. parking so as to block other traffic or excessive speed) at a checkpoint or 2) disrupting the operations of a checkpoint (e.g. arguing about your score or trying to solicit information about the conduct of the rally).

You may be penalized, at the discretion of the checkpoint captain, 100 points for “creeping” (less than one-half the assigned speed) or unauthorized stopping or U-turn within sight of a control.

Any car receiving a ticket for a traffic violation during the conduct of a rally is subject to disqualification.

RMR/AMR Event Rules – 2008Page 48

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