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proposed changes and to enable establishing the rules prior to the start of the year.

First, members may submit suggestions for changes to the Challenge Series Committee at any time. Watch your RMR and AMR newsletters for announcement of the cut-off date for consideration of rules changes for the next year. Rules changes should be suggested in writing to the Chair, although any Committee member may propose changes.

Second, the Challenge Series Committee meets and decides which rules change suggestions have merit. This determination does not mean that the Committee endorses these changes absolutely. It just means that they are worthy of serious consideration and have the potential to win Committee approval. These are proposed to the membership by publication in the newsletters or by mail to members, and members' comments are solicited for a period of time. Again, members' comments are most effective if presented in writing to the Chair, who will make them available to the Committee.

The Challenge Series Committee then again meets, determines which of the proposed changes to the rules are to be accepted, with or without modifications, and after Board approval causes them to be published as close to the start of the calendar year to which they will apply as can be accomplished. As a practical matter, members may find that they will first learn of rules changes from articles published in the newsletters of the two regions. From the point of view of members at large, the important things are to propose changes you wish to see, and to comment on the published proposals. Call the Chair or a member of the Rules Committee if you are uncertain about what a proposed rules change means.



There are four categories of classes: Street, Production, Improved, and Modified.

The Street category contains entirely stock vehicles in regular production (as normally delivered to the United States public through authorized sales outlets of the manufacturer) with no performance enhancing deviations from stock at all. This category is intended to encourage people who are just starting out, who have late model Porsches, and those who don't want to spend the time and money necessary to keep up with the latest performance modifications, to participate in Challenge Series events.

The Production category contains stock vehicles (as normally delivered to the United States public through authorized sales outlets of the manufacturer) with limited performance enhancing deviations from stock. These changes have limits as defined below.

The Improved category contains vehicles with additional performance enhancing changes from stock specifications, whether changed by the factory,

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