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dealer or owner, and certain factory special production cars. These changes have limits as defined below.

The Modified category contains factory-built race cars and vehicles that have performance enhancing modifications outside the limits of the Improved category.

Each category is divided into classes, grouping vehicles with similar performance potential. Vehicle models are initially classed in one of eight Production base classes; some higher performance models are initially classed in Improved class I3. Entirely unmodified vehicles may be classed in one of the Street classes based on which Production or Improved class the model would be classified in. Vehicles with modifications not exceeding those allowed will be classified into the appropriate Production class. Those vehicles with significant modifications are progressed into the Improved category or Modified category as appropriate. Table 1 below presents the classes by type of Porsche.

DEALER AND FACTORY OPTIONS ARE NOT "STOCK". However, options that are not considered to improve performance are allowed in the Street, Production and Improved classes (e.g., trim packages, air-conditioning, etc.). The Modified classes are determined by specific performance factors, not by base class.

The classification of your vehicle depends not only on its model, but also on the type and quantity of changes (if any) made to the stock vehicle and the tires used. Some modifications are "free", that is, allowed without effect on classification. Other changes from stock are handicapped through weighted penalty points. Improvements, modifications, and tire selection will cause your vehicle be classified in the Production class, or to progress to the appropriate Improved and Modified classes if sufficient penalty points are accumulated.

Special rule for Stock and Prepared PCA Club Racing cars: Any Porsche properly classed in the Stock or Prepared classes according to the current PCA Club Racing Rules having modifications allowed by PCA Club Racing, but not by these RMR/AMR Event Rules, shall be classified in the Improved class that model would otherwise be classified in.

Men and women compete in separate classes. Women's classes are designated with the suffix "W", and men's classes with the suffix "M".

For new model vehicles introduced by Porsche this year, non-U.S. specification vehicles, and for models not specifically classed below: make a written request to the Challenge Series Committee for proper classification.



Non-Porsche engines are not permitted in any class.


Non-Porsche vehicles are not permitted in any class.

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