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CONFIRMATION- Confirmation of the reservation along with directions to the cabin will be mailed, - page 5 / 6





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Lights: Most lights in the house have dimmers attached to them. Keys: Key replacement is $50 and lock out fee is $100. Place key on hook upon departure.

TRASH FEE: Due to the cost of fuel a $10.00 fee for the picking up and disposal of your trash will be added to your rental.


NAME ______________________________________________________________________ STREET ____________________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE_____________________ FAX__________________CELL _______________ EMAIL _____________________________________________________________________ DRIVER’S LICENSE _________________________AUTO TAG______________________ Note: We accept MasterCard, Visa, NO DEBIT CARDS PLEASE. Credit Card ____________________________________ Exp. Date_____________________ Signature on card: _____________________________________________________________ Name as it appears on card __ ___________________________ CHECK-IN DATE _____________________CHECK-OUT DATE (after 3:00 p.m.) (10:00 a.m.) Rental ________ Nights @ __________ (1-4) Guests per night: Extra Person/Pet Charges: _______________________ Rent Total: _______________________ 7% Sales Tax & 3% Lodging Tax: Trash Fee: _____$10.00___________ Cleaning Fee (See contract): ______________________ Total Amount Due: ______________________ ______________________ _______________________

LIABILITY RELEASE FORM Agreement between guest and "www.Vacation-Home-Rentalcabin.com, " for the cabin rental of: __________________________________________ guest (Hereafter referred to as the licensed guest) desires a short-term license from "www.Vacation-Home-Rentalcabin.com", for _____________________________, referred to as the property). guest (for myself, my guests (registered or unregistered) and invitees, hereby agree to hold Cabins Plus More, its owners, employees and agents (individually and/or collectively as “Cabins Plus More”) harmless and indemnify them against any and all claims, damages, suits, causes or action of damages and costs thereof arising from injury to a person or property or loss of life sustained in or about the cabin and associated surrounding lands and streets (the “Premises”) by any person or persons whatsoever. You agree that Cabins Plus More shall not be liable for any personal injuries or damage to any goods, wares or property regardless of how such injuries or damages may be caused.

guest , the licensed guest, hereby acknowledges that he/she is using the property for the purpose of short-term occupancy in "as is" condition, at his/her own risk. The licensed guest hereby agrees to check in and out at the contracted times specified on their short term Rental Agreement.

I, the undersigned, have read, I understand, and I agree to the terms of this rental agreement. I have seen photos on the internet and asked all appropriate questions. I understand that this is a legal and binding contract. Upon arrival, if you notice anything is damaged or broken, notify us immediately

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