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Step 1. Start the program:

The first thing you need to do is download the software on any computer in one of the campus computer centers or for your home computer (see the class web page for the link). Install and run the software.

You will get a screen showing the Project CLEA (Contemporary Laboratory Exercises in Astronomy) logo. At the top of this screen on the menu bar select “File” then Log In...” On the screen that follows F i g u r e 2 . T h e i n i t i a l s t a r t u p s c r e e n f o r t h e H u b b l e r e d s h i f t - d i s t a n c e c o m p u t e r l a b . S t a r t b y o p e n i n g t h e d o m e t h e n c l i c k o n T r a c k i n g . i g n o r e e n t e r i n g y o u r n a m e ( s ) j u s t c l i c k

the “OK” button. It will complain that you didn’t enter anything, just click OK again.

You will now get a new screen with the logo for this specific activity. Select “File” then “Runfrom the menu bar at the top of the screen. You will get a screen that looks something like that shown in Figure 2. (It will try to “access” a remote telescope then a pop up window will say it made it, click OK on the pop up.)

Open the observatory dome door by clicking on the “Dome” button. Once the door opens you will see a star field. Because of Earth’s rotation the stars will appear to drift. This can be adjusted for by clicking on the “Tracking” button. (Your initial view is through the finder ‘scope of a large telescope. It is because of the magnification of this finder ‘scope that the drift of the star field is so readily apparent.) Your screen should look like Figure 3.

You will need to choose your object of study. Adjust the field of view such that the red “field of view” box is centered on one of the galaxies. The galaxies are the fuzzy objects. You can move the field of view by clicking and holding the “N” “S” “E” and “W” buttons. You adjust the speed of the movement (“slew”) by clicking on the “Slew Rate” button, you can adjust the slew rate to any one of the following values: 1,2,4,8, or 16.

Once the red box is centered on a galaxy you will need to change from looking through the finder telescope to viewing through the main instrument. Do this by clicking on the “Change View” button. (Notice that the box below this button currently says “finder” and after you click on the “Change View” button this box changes to say “instrument.” In our case, the instrument is a large telescope with a spectrometer attached.)

Now that you have the spectrometer in place you must make any fine adjustments needed to


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