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  • Make clear that Part 565 applies to Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs);

  • Include in Part 565 specific attributes for LSVs that must be communicated in, and decipherable from, a VIN;

  • Require that the VIN plate for LSVs be placed in the same location as passenger cars and multipurpose passenger vehicles and trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of 4536 kg (10,000 lb) or less;

  • Expand from “passenger cars” to “passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, low speed vehicles, and trucks” the vehicles that would be covered by the requirements of current Part 565.5 – Motor vehicles imported into the United States;

  • Add regulatory language to call attention to the fact that the number “9” in the third VIN position means that the vehicle is produced in sufficiently low quantities that a small manufacturer identifier is appropriate and positions 12-14 are therefore part of the manufacturer identifier;

  • Change restraint system information that must be communicated in the VIN of a passenger car from “restraint system type” to “all restraint devices and their location” and require this same information for LSVs;

  • Add to Part 565 a table with an explanatory note that indicates the digit that should appear in the ninth position of the VIN (This was requested to address the fact that the formula that is used in determining what appears in the ninth position is often calculated electronically and therefore does not produce the fractional remainders that are currently used in Part 565 to determine the digit that goes in position 9);

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