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    • A table and an explanatory note have been added to Part 565 that specifically indicates the digit that should appear in the ninth position of the VIN.

    • New definitions have been added for “low-volume manufacturer,” “high volume manufacturer,” and “manufacturer identifier.”

    • The dividing line between high-volume and low-volume manufacturers, which determines whether a three character or six character manufacturer identifier is required, has been set at 1,000 vehicles, with those manufacturers manufacturing 1,000 or more vehicles considered to be high-volume manufacturers.

    • The contact details for the SAE in Part 565 have been revised.

  • IV.

    Rulemaking Analyses and Notice

Executive Order 12866 and DOT Regulatory Policies and Procedures

This rulemaking document was not reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget

under E.O. 12866. It is not considered to be significant under E.O. 12866 or the Department’s

Regulatory Policies and Procedures (44 FR 11034; February 26, 1979). This document changes

the VIN requirements that for the most part provide manufacturers greater flexibility in meeting

VIN requirements:

  • The rule helps to sustain the supply of unique available manufacturer identifiers for large manufacturers, because they will no longer need to request additional manufacturer identifiers for new vehicle makes that they produce.

  • The rule permits the use of either alphabetic or numeric characters in many positions of the VIN.

  • The rule permits low-volume manufacturers to manufacture 999 vehicles (increased from 499) before a new high-volume manufacturer identifier is required.

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