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  • The rule reduces or eliminates the waiting period before the time a manufacturer identifier or VIN can be used.

  • The rule adds low-speed vehicles to the list of vehicles to which Part 565 applies, and adds attributes of LSVs that should be identified by an LSV’s VIN.

Vehicle manufacturers, including those of low-speed vehicles, are already required to

label their vehicles with a VIN and report to NHTSA information relating to deciphering the

characters in the VIN. This rule does not substantially change those requirements. The minimal

impacts of today’s amendments do not warrant preparation of a regulatory evaluation.

NHTSA cannot quantify direct safety impacts of this rule. However, NHTSA believes

that this rule will have a beneficial effect on safety in that it ensures the continued integrity of the

VIN system (ensuring that vehicles will continue to be uniquely identified).

There may be some cost impacts in changing data systems to account for features of the

VIN that are different than those of current VINs (e.g., the use of alphabetic and numeric

characters in certain VIN positions). However, NHTSA does not believe that the costs will be

significant. In fact, manufacturers of most vehicles less than 10,000 lb GVWR will need to do

nothing more initially than change their systems so that an alphabetic character appears in

position 7 of the VIN to comply with today’s rule. For all other VIN positions, these

manufacturers may continue to use current systems to generate VIN characters using the old

character limitations. Because of the change from a numeric character to an alphabetic character

in position 7, unique VINs will be assured. These manufacturers will be able to adjust their

systems as needed over time to be able to generate VIN characters under the expanded options

for characters contained in the final rule. This ability to adapt slowly to the final rule will further

ameliorate the cost impact of the final rule.

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