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(i) The type face utilized for each VIN shall consist of capital, sanserif characters.

§ 565.14 Motor vehicles imported into the United States.

(a) Importers shall utilize the VIN assigned by the original manufacturer of the motor


(b) All passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, low speed vehicles and trucks

of 4536 kg or less GVWR certified by a Registered Importer under 49 CFR part 592 whose VINs

do not comply with Part 565.13 and 565.14 shall have a plate or label that contains the following

statement, in characters that have a minimum height of 4 mm and the identification number

assigned by the vehicle’s original manufacturer inserted in the blank: SUBSTITUTE FOR U.S.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

SEE 49 CFR PART 565. The plate or label shall conform to §

565.13 (h) and (i). The plate or label shall be permanently affixed inside the passenger

compartment. The plate or label shall be readable, without moving any part of the vehicle,

through the vehicle glazing under daylight conditions by an observer having 20/20 vision

(Snellen) whose eye-point is located outside the vehicle adjacent to the left windshield pillar. It

shall be located in such a manner as not to cover, obscure, or overlay any part of any

identification number affixed by the original manufacturer. Motor vehicles conforming to

Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 115 are exempt from this paragraph.

§ 565.15 Content requirements.

(a) The first section shall consist of three characters that occupy positions one through

three (1-3) in the VIN. This section shall uniquely identify the manufacturer and type of the

motor vehicle if the manufacturer is a high-volume manufacturer. If the manufacturer is a low-

volume manufacturer, positions one through three (1-3) along with positions twelve through

fourteen (12-14) in the VIN shall uniquely identify the manufacturer and type of the motor

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