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  • (g)

    Make means a name that a manufacturer applies to a group of vehicles or engines.

  • (h)

    Manufacturer means a person—

    • (1)

      Manufacturing or assembling motor vehicles or motor vehicle equipment; or

    • (2)

      Importing motor vehicles or motor vehicle equipment for resale.

  • (i)

    Model means a name that a manufacturer applies to a family of vehicles of the same

type, make, line, series and body type.

(j) Model Year means the year used to designate a discrete vehicle model, irrespective of

the calendar year in which the vehicle was actually produced, provided that the production

period does not exceed 24 months.

  • (k)

    Plant of manufacture means the plant where the manufacturer affixes the VIN.

  • (l)

    Series means a name that a manufacturer applies to a subdivision of a “line” denoting

price, size or weight identification and that is used by the manufacturer for marketing purposes.

(m) Trailer kit means a trailer that is fabricated and delivered in complete but

unassembled form and that is designed to be assembled without special machinery or tools.

(n) Type means a class of vehicle distinguished by common traits, including design and

purpose. Passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, incomplete

vehicles and motorcycles are separate types.

(o) VIN means a series of Arabic numbers and Roman letters that is assigned to a motor

vehicle for identification purposes.

§ 565.23 General requirements.

(a) Each vehicle manufactured in one stage shall have a VIN that is assigned by the

manufacturer. Each vehicle manufactured in more than one stage shall have a VIN assigned by

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