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§ 65.103, valid for “return to service,” “final inspection,” or “maintenance release of an aviation article,” while employed by repair station name, city, state, and certificate number.

NOTE:  If employees are otherwise qualified and listed on the repair station’s required roster(s), current repairman certificates will not need to be reissued to comply with §§ 145.157(a) and 145.213(d).  However, when these certificates are revised, the additional language for “approval for return to service,” “final inspection,” or maintenance release of an aviation article should be added to the limitations block of the certificate.


Considering the size and scope of the repair station, verify that it has a sufficient number of employees with the training or knowledge and experience in the performance of maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations authorized by the repair station’s ratings.


Verify that the repair station personnel performing functions governed by existing industry standards, are trained and qualified to that standard, i.e. welding, nondestructive testing, heat treatment, etc.  In some cases these industry standards may be identified on the repair stations’ OpSpecs.


Verify that inspectors identified on the repair station’s roster:


Maintain proficiency in using the various types of inspection equipment and visual inspection aids appropriate for the article being inspected.  


Are thoroughly familiar with the regulations and with the inspection methods, techniques, practices, aids, equipment, and tools used to determine the airworthiness of the article on which maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations are being performed.


That perform required inspection items are appropriately certificated, properly trained, and authorized to perform this function.  


Have available and understand all applicable and current tolerances and procedures.


Properly identify defects.


Understand, read, and write English.

NOTE:  Inspectors with return to service authority or final inspection, maintenance release, must be able to read, write, understand, and speak the English language, unless employed outside the United States.

NOTE:  The FAA reserves the right to interview the applicant’s supervisors, inspectors, and/or personnel responsible for final approval for return to service.


The certificated repair station has sufficient number of supervisors, who are certificated under part 65 and are able to understand, read, and write English, to direct the work performed.  They must also provide oversight to those individuals who are unfamiliar with the methods, techniques, practices, aids, equipment, and tools employed.


The repair station determines the abilities of its noncertificated employees who perform maintenance functions based on training, knowledge, experience, or practical tests.


The repair station has the following:

(a)  A current roster of management and supervisory personnel.

(b)  A current roster of all inspection personnel.

(c)  A current roster of personnel authorized to sign a maintenance release for approving a maintained or altered article for return to service.

(d)  A current summary of the employment of each individual whose name is on the personnel rosters required by § 145.161. The summary must include:


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