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(1) The list of maintenance functions contracted to each outside facility is current.

(2) The name of each outside facility to whom the repair station contracts maintenance functions and the type of certificate and ratings held by each facility is current.

(3) The items received from a certificated facility are properly processed in accordance with the repair stations receiving procedures.


Non-Certificated Facility.  If the repair station contracts a maintenance function to a non-certificated facility, verify:


Those maintenance functions are approved.  Maintenance functions requiring approval are those items for which a repair station is rated to maintain but chooses to outsource as referenced in § 145.201(a) to a non-certificated maintenance provider.


The repair station ensures that all non-certificated persons performing contract maintenance functions follow a quality control system equivalent to the system followed by the repair station.


The repair station verified through testing and or inspection all work performed by non-certificated persons is satisfactory and airworthy in accordance with the RSM/QCM.


The repair stations approves articles for return to service that have been maintained by non-certificated contract maintenance providers in accordance with the RSM/QCM.


The certificated repair station remains directly in charge of the work performed by the non-certified facility.


The repair station is qualifying the non-FAA-certified facility in accordance with the RSM/QCM.


The repair stations makes provisions that allow the FAA to make an inspection and observe the non-certified facility’s work on that article.


The inspectors have the appropriate technical data to determine airworthiness.


The inspectors are properly trained and qualified to determine airworthiness.

NOTE: The repair station rule already prohibits a repair station from maintaining any article for which it is not rated.  Outsourcing of these maintenance functions to a certificated repair station will not require additional approval.


Certificated and Non-Certificated.  For certificated and non-certificated contractors, the PI should consider:

(1)  The procedures to obtain approval for the maintenance function.

(2)  The procedures to qualify the contractor.

(3)  The procedures for the repair station to SURVEIL the contractor if it is a non-certificated repair station.

(4)  The procedures to properly maintain the contractor list.

(5)  The technical training on contracted functions for receiving inspection personnel.

(6)  The procedures for receiving inspections, do they provide enough technical detail to determine the airworthiness of an article.

(7)  The list of maintenance functions for which the repair station has the housing, facilities, equipment, and materials “in-house” but may need to contract to another facility because of workload or emergency situations are current.

(8)  The method for which a maintenance function is added to the FAA approved list on an emergency basis is in accordance with the RSM/QCM.

(9)  The auditors that inspect contract maintenance sources are trained.

(10)  If the repair station contracts to a Canadian facility the maintenance is performed in accordance with §§ 43.13, 43.15, and 43.16.

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