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(c) Procedures governing any work being accomplished away from the repair station.

(d) SFAR 36 authorization procedures to verify that work is being done in accordance with the SFAR 36 letter of authorization and the inspection procedures manual.

(4)  Observe and Inspect OMP’s Maintenance Functions.

(a) Verify that work for parts 121 and 125 operators is being performed in accordance with the specific operator’s manual.

(b) Verify that maintenance being performed is in accordance with approved procedures.

(c) Verify that during shift turnover the individual responsible for briefing the arriving shift’s supervisors and personnel of the exact status of in-progress maintenance accomplishes this per the manual procedures, including updating work cards.

(d) Verify that the maintenance functions being contracted to outside agencies are current with the listing required by §§ 145.51 and 145.53

(5)  Conduct Debriefings.  Brief the OMP and the out- sourcing repair station on the inspection results. Discuss any deficiencies and possible corrective actions.

B.  Non-Certificated Repair Facility.

NOTE:  This inspection is to determine the quality of repairs on contracted articles to non-certificated facilities

(1) Technical and regulatory data used by facility to verify that:

Technical data is appropriate for the maintenance or alterations to be performed

Data is current, accurate, and complete

That all required data was use during the repair

All data provided from the contractor was fallowed

(2) General housing and facilities to verify that:

Housing and facilities are sufficient for the work being contracted

Work areas are situated to protect parts and subassemblies during the work process

General housekeeping is satisfactory

An area for segregation of components, during assembly and disassembly, using suitable trays, racks or stands

Parts and materials are protected against damage and deterioration

(3)  Quality System:

Assure the facility has a quality system equivalent to that of the contracting repair station   

(4) Special tools and equipment to verify that:

(a) All required items are within calibration criteria, to include traceability to one of the following:

The National Institute of Standards and Technology

Standard established by the item’s manufacturer

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