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2.2.2. Outsource Oversight Assessment Tool

The OPT is to be used for surveillance planning.   This tool will assist the 14 CFR part 121, 121/135 and 135 (10 or more) PI, other assigned inspectors, supervisors, and managers in prioritizing outsource maintenance oversight.  As a result of this assessment, the PI will determine the priority of outsource surveillance for the coming year.  The OPT is discussed in detail in the Outsource Oversight Assessment Tool Work Instructions document.  The work instructions for this tool will reside in Order 8300.10.

The OPT is intended to be developed in two phases:  Phase 1 will be available for fielding at the beginning of FY06; and Phase 2 will be available for fielding at the beginning of FY07.  The Phase 1 tool will be a simplified paper version of the tool, which will allow for outsource maintenance prioritization at the local level.  The Phase 2 tool will be more comprehensive and will be automated during FY06 and will be ready for fielding in FY07.

2.2.3. Prioritized Outsource Oversight

After completing the OPT, the PI will be able to prioritize desired maintenance providers and target surveillance resources to outsource vendors with highest risk.

NOTE: Part 135 certificate management offices can create Risk Management Worksheet (RMW) for issues of high concern.  Follow the “Risk Management Process Work Instructions” for further detailed instruction on the completion of RMW.  Part 121 certificate management offices can utilize the current risk management process available through ATOS and SEP for issues of high concern.  

2.2.4. Additional Outsource Enhancements

This workgroup recommends utilization of the following:  

(1)  Part 145 PIs and the stake holding part 121 CMTs use a team approach to accomplish repair station inspections.  (Reference:  FAA Order 8300.10, Volume 3, Chapter 134.)

(2)  ATOS Elements 1.3.7 (Outsourcing) and 1.3.11 (CASS) be utilized for all part 121 CMTs and interface with multiple chapters of FAA Order 8300.10, including chapters 64 and 69.

(3)  Quarterly utilization report created for air carriers include information regarding outsource maintenance.  This includes the type of work performed, number of visits to the top 12 leading outsource maintenance providers, and outsource maintenance as a percent of the total maintenance.  (Reference:  FAA Order 8300.10, volume 3, chapter 158.)

(4)  Enhanced repair station oversight training for part 145, part 135, and part 121 inspectors.

NOTE:  Per 14 CFR part 121, section 121.363(b), an air carrier may make arrangements with another person for the performance of any maintenance, preventive maintenance or alterations.  However, this does not relieve the air carrier of its primary responsibility for all maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations performed by itself or another person.


This workgroup has requested the following enhancements to the current PTRS system to improve data reliability.  These modifications involve the inclusion of the following information in the PTRS system.

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