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11.  Approach Rationale:  Describe the reasons that the approach identified above was selected.

Determining whether to proceed to Implementation:  Normally, unless the approach is to “Monitor” the level of risk associated with the risk, the decision will be to proceed to Implementation (i.e., planning action items and implementing them).  However, under certain circumstances it may be appropriate to close the RMW.

12.  RMW Closure, Rationale and Date:  When it is appropriate not to expend any additional resources beyond normal surveillance, then closing the RMW is appropriate.  For example, the approach chosen for this risk is “Monitor.” (i.e., the risk has acceptable low risk values), or the responsibility for action on this risk has been totally transferred to another organization, and NO additional actions need be taken by the CHDO beyond normal surveillance.  This may occur after the initial analysis with no action taken, or it may occur after completing an action plan.

If it is appropriate to close this RMW at this point, the PI will document that fact by entering the closure rationale and date of the decision in this block.

Section 4: Implementation

Implementation answers the question, “Who will do what, when and how.”  To complete the implementation step, certificate management members must identify the actions they need to take to effectively oversee the certificate holder’s mitigation of the hazard.  They then must carry out these oversight actions.

Section 4: Implementation (Who will do what, when, and how?)



Action Item


Log (Include name of person making entry, date of entry and activity update)



13.  Action Item Number, Action Item:  Based on the approach chosen above, the PI will identify and enter the action items necessary to address the risk factors.  The action items should describe what activities the certificate management office will take, or get the repair station to take, to accomplish the desired results, and if desired, the expected completion date for the action.  Number each action item sequentially.

14.  Status:  Periodically update the status of each action item once the plan is approved by selecting from the following list:

Requested – The action item has been identified but not yet begun

In process –The action item has begun and can continue, but it is not yet complete

Completed – The action item is completed

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