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15.  Log:  The assigned CHDO member completing an action item will enter the ongoing status of the action in the log.  These entries should include:

Name of the person making the entry

Date of the entry

Activity update that describes the activity and/or results (e.g., meeting held to inform repair station of the risk, and the repair station agreed to update the manual)

When the action item is complete, this should also be entered in the log

The PI or designated person will periodically review the action item log to manage the progress, and determine when all the actions have been complete.

Type of Action Item


Ensuring the repair station is aware of the hazard.

Follow local procedures to notify the certificate holder.  Methods might include letters, meetings, etc.

In your notification, include whatever information you think is appropriate and will help the certificate holder determine what action to take.

Following-up to verify that the certificate holder has addressed the risk factors associated with the hazard.

You may want to wait until the certificate holder responds to your notification before you create the CHDO’s follow-up action items.

Assessing whether the certificate holder’s actions have had the intended effect on the hazard and reduced the level of risk.

Collect data to assess how the certificate holder’s actions affected the hazard.

Section 5: Validation

Validation answers the question “Did it work.”  To complete the validation step, certificate management members evaluate the current status of the hazard and verify that the certificate holder addressed the risk factors that contributed to or caused the hazard to occur.  CHDO members also verify that the level of risk posed by the hazard was reduced.  Using this assessment of the current level of risk, certificate management members decide whether to close the risk management process for this risk hazard, or whether more implementation actions are required.

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