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D.  Determine Qualification to Perform Substantial Maintenance for an Air Carrier.

NOTE: The provisions of substantial maintenance provider guidance and the subsequent issuance of OpSpecs D091 are only applicable to part 121 operators.

(1)  Prior to using a maintenance provider for the first time, unless the air carrier can successfully demonstrate to the PMI by other means of accurately determining the capability and adequacy of the proposed maintenance provider, the air carrier must conduct an onsite audit of the maintenance provider. The air carrier's onsite audit or other means, must demonstrate to the PMI that the maintenance provider has qualified in accordance with the carriers program and the information in this chapter.

(2)  Air carriers may substitute a current Coordinating Agencies for Supplier's Evaluation (C.A.S.E.) audit report for the required onsite audit if it can be determined that the CASE audit addresses all elements above.  The air carrier must perform an onsite audit of those elements of the above paragraph 5D(l)(a) that are not accomplished by the auditing organization.

(3)  The air carrier must submit a copy of the audit report to the PMI for review in a checklist or a summary analysis form. That report should show how the air carrier made its determination that all of the requirements in this chapter have been adequately addressed.


A. Complete the Task. Completion of this task will result in one of the following:

(1) If the operator's manual and outsource agency are determined to be satisfactory, accept the manual and issue OpSpec D091 (if applicable) per the guidance in vol. 2, ch. 84.  OpSpecs paragraph A004a or A004b, as appropriate, must also be amended if necessary.

(2) If the operator's manual is determined to be unsatisfactory, return the manual for corrections.

(3) If the outsource provider is determined to be unsatisfactory, deny the operator the use of that provider.

B. Update the Vital Information Subsystem (VIS).  If provider is accepted open the operator's VIS record and update the information on the VIS, page 4 of the air operator record in the field "Airworthiness Agreement." The PMI should determine whether or not revisions to OpSpecs for contracted maintenance are required. The VIS record field(s) should reflect the most appropriate choice. The two pertinent option codes for maintenance are:

A: Contracts out most/all maintenance

P: Contracts out a substantial maintenance function

C. Document the Task. File all supporting paperwork in the operator/applicant's office file.

D. Complete PTRS/ATOS SAI Data Collection Tools.

(1)Comment Fields:

(a)Inspectors will validate the overall effectiveness of their assigned certificate holders’ management and oversight of outsourced maintenance.

(b)All comments should be written in clear, concise language. Explanations should be complete and descriptive, with as much information as necessary for other CMT members to understand the comments without requiring further information from the inspector. Comments submitted should include who, what, where, when, why, and how. References should be entered when appropriate.

(2)SAI recording: Essential elements of the system, as outlined in the SAI, must be validated though collection and recording of objective evidence that the system is properly designed and well managed.  The objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of the

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