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Air Carrier Section

(2)  The chair and vice chair position are voted on by the Section members.

F.  Membership.  C.A.S.E. limits its membership in the Air Carrier Section to certificated air carriers operating in accordance with the aviation regulations of the certificating government.  The C.A.S.E. Air Carrier Section recognizes two classes of membership, sustaining and associate.  The FAA requires the air carrier to maintain an “active sustaining” membership (reference C.A.S.E. requirements for company representatives).  Should the air carrier cease to maintain an active sustaining membership, ops specs D090 will be cancelled.  Sustaining membership is limited by C.A.S.E. to air carriers that have at least one C.A.S.E. Level III Auditor or Level IV Evaluator qualified to the 1-A Standard.  If a sustaining member loses all level III/IV Auditors/Evaluators, within thirty days that member should apply to the Audit and Compliance committee chair for an exemption to this requirement until such time as it has a qualified replacement.  The time limit for obtaining the replacement should be established by the Audit and Compliance committee chair.  Members are expected to attend meetings regularly and to actively participate in the work of the organization.

(1)  C.A.S.E. requires that its Air Carrier Section sustaining members shall:


Agree to comply with all the requirements specified in the C.A.S.E. Manual and to share audit data with C.A.S.E. members in good standing.


Agree to complete allocated audits at required/scheduled time.  If this is not possible, the

scheduled member shall submit a “Schedule Change” transmittal to inform the membership.


Maintain documented vendor/supplier audit procedures in their manual system.  Procedures should meet the minimum standards specified in 2-2-0 of the C.A.S.E. Manual.


Maintain a history file of vendor/supplier audits, findings, and corrective action (follow-up-system) in accordance with the C.A.S.E. Manual.


Maintain a list of approved vendors/supplier for control and internal dissemination.


Maintain records of vendor/supplier quality problems and performance and of component reliability.


Maintain at least one C.A.S.E. Level III Auditor or Level IV Evaluator qualified to the 1-A standard.


Establish and maintain, with appropriate hardware and software as defined by the Data Base committee, connection to the C.A.S.E. computer system.


If the air carrier elects to provide their PI with the C.A.S.E. Manual, that member is responsible for providing revision service for that manual.

(2)C.A.S.E. requirements for company representatives include the following:  (additional duties and responsibilities are contained in C.A.S.E. Manual, chapter 2-1-0):


A member company’s representative to C.A.S.E. is expected to attend semi-annual conferences.  The representative is required to serve actively on at least one committee.  Active participation is considered to be in the form of discussions, research, and time spent in support of committee functions.  If the representative (or that person’s designee) is absent for two or more consecutive conferences, the company’s sustaining membership in C.A.S.E. may be terminated.


Member representatives should assure that the representative’s company has a vendor surveillance program, procedures, and an auditor/evaluator

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